Plan your Next Quarter


5 Steps to Build
a Successful
Marketing Plan

Leave luck to the birds.
Take back control with
strategic planning

5 Steps to Build a Successful Marketing Plan

Leave luck to the birds. Take back control with strategic planning

You’ve spent hours trying to perfect your service.

You’ve strategised it, tested it, implemented it and are ready to


You then realise it’s GO time to show your wonderful services to the world… 

BUT to no avail, as you’ve left your marketing to the last minute
and ended up with a failed launch.

You then start questioning your work…

 Is it not good enough? Is it me? What should I change?

And you are now left feeling unmotivated and full of doubt. 


SO, let’s be real for a second…

Marketing takes planning. 

Good marketing takes strategic planning.

Great Marketing takes strategic planning AND precise TIMING. 

The good news?

Putting everything into a cohesive plan is simple! 

And I’m here to teach you the exact steps you need to take for a successful launch.

Join me for my Free Masterclass,
“5 Steps to Build a Successful Marketing Plan”
 Thursday, August 24th @ 7pm CET

What Can You Expect From My Free Masterclass? 

I will cover how to:

✔ Simplify your plan with 5 steps to sell like a Pro.

✔Combine all the pieces into a cohesive plan to stay on top of all activities.

✔ Align your strategy with your business goals to achieve desired results.

✔ Build a planning system that can be leveraged repeatedly.

✔  Choose the tools and pace that work FOR YOU.

Don’t wing your marketing – you wouldn’t do this with any other part of your business.
(Especially as we move to a busy Autumn season). 

Learn how to become strategic and plan like a Pro at my Free Masterclass.


I’m Daiva, an ethical marketer committed to helping impact-driven businesses thrive through authentic and strategic marketing.

I have BA (Hons) in Advertising, more than six years of digital marketing experience and years of communication work in climate space.

With a profound belief in the interconnectedness of healing and regeneration, I focus on working with startups and entrepreneurs that champion climate action and ecological regeneration and recognize the imperative for individual and collective healing.


Let’s shine the light on your fantastic work and build impactful and connected communities.